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With ever growing necessity of precious, semi-precious and industrial grade rough gemstones, Lila Export is setting is strong presence in the market with quality material and outstanding services to its clients globally.

Lila Export provides Rough Gemstone Brokerage services to its clients.

Lila Export serve the clients brokerage services while providing boarding, lodging and commuting services, which can give secure and transparent dimension to the competitive dealings.

Dealing through Lila Export always assure you safety, reliability, ease and transparency because of our industry experience, material quality and local knowledge.

The salient features of our service infrastructure:
  • Headquarter office located at prime location in the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo.
  • Availability of all kind of rough and polished gemstone samples in the office.
  • Warehouse facility to load direct container of rough gemstone.
  • Well equipped office with necessary telecoms and Internet facilities.
  • Luxurious transportation facility.
  • Luxurious lodging and boarding facility.
  • Chef team to serve you your taste.
While primary focus of Lila Export is on rough gemstone and gold exports, we are also evaluating possibilities of exporting following goods in near future:
  • Ready to Serve food
  • Agricultural food products
  • Sanitary ware & accessories
  • Naturally found metals, minerals and substances like:
    + Copper
    + Cobalt & Nickel
    + Iron Ore
    + Manganese
    + Rare Earths
    + Titanium & Zircon
    + Uranium
    + Cement
    + Coal
    + Chromite
    + Diamond
    + Graphite
    + Mica
    + Marbles
    + Petroleum