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Mr Darshan Kotak

Mr. Darshan Kotak

Serving Lila Export as Chairman since the year 1999. He is well experience of Auto, Food, Gold and Gemstone industries.Started his career as director in Food manufacturing and exporting company and Managing businesses since 1993 regionally as well as globally. He was in charge of extending financial support of $14.5 million annually for export transactions, overseas investment projects, and the development of natural resources abroad and managed the Economic Development Cooperation Fund, which provides official development assistance to developing countries.

Mrs. Ramaheriarisoa Hantanirina Nicole
Mrs. Ramaheriarisoa Hantanirina Nicole

Since 2002, she is serving Lila Export as Managing Director. She completed her graduation in Personal Secretary in 1982. She did Gemology and Prospector of Gemstone in French, English & Malagasy language in 1987. She founded the Madastone Inc, popularly known as MADASTONE since in 1986. Have proven knowledge and proficiency over rough gemstone mining, technology, research and overall rough gemstone industry.