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"They who drink the water from the Manangareza River always come back to Madagascar”.
Madagascar, the Red Island, the Rainbow Island, the Eighth Continent, there are many names for the world's 4th largest island. Madagascar is situated in the south western area of the Indian Ocean east of the coast of Africa about 400 km off the coast of Mozambique. The island is recognized as one of the world's top ten hotspots for biodiversity. Madagascar is inhabited by various ethnic groups of Malayo-Indonesian, mixed African and Malayo-Indonesian, and Arab ancestry. Five centuries before the Europeans discovered the island Malayo-Indonesian seafarers arrived in roughly the first century A.D., the Arabs followed in the 6th century to establish trading posts. Since the 16th century French and British influence left its mark. In October 1958 the Malagasy Republic was proclaimed as an autonomous state within the French Community and gained full independence in June 1960.
Official Name Republic of Madagascar
Time Local Time = UTC +3h
Capital City Antananarivo (Tananarive)
Government Republic, Independence: 26 June 1960 (from France), Constitution: 19 August 1992 by national referendum.
Geography Location - Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east of Mozambique.Area - 587 040 sq km (226,658 sq miles). Terrain - Mountainous central plateau, coastal plain.
Climate Tropical along coast, temperate inland, arid in south, periodic cyclones
Population 17,500,000
Religions Indigenous beliefs 52%, Christian 41%, Muslim 6%, Hindu 1%,
Languages Malagasy, French, (both official), English, Literacy 65%.
Currency Ariary and Malagasy Franc (FMG).
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